mort mot juste

abril 20, 2008

song of you

Hopeful tunes and blue carnations
in the pockets of my old shirts
Notes on resurrection by my window
Styrofoam and radio waves
I'm picking out a sign
a melody that's yours and mine

Back in your living days
I had known the sun would burst
And the warmth would become
as cold as snow

I want to be a heron
and take your soul away
then let it go
in a cloudy day

The ocean is waiting for
My body and the sand
is tasting the soles of my shoes

When I forget your kindness
When I forget your face
I'll let you go
in a rainy day

When I forget how you sounded
When I forget your name
I'll let you go in a rainy day

And you're a cloud
in the inmost heaven
You're the gleaming nose
on an angel's face

When I forget I loved you
When I forget your grace
I'll let it go in a cloudy day.

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