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janeiro 19, 2009

rascunho #2

.como é que eu sabia que você ia quebrar? meu grande amigo, feito de vento.
1- espelho espelho dissolva as nuvens
2,5- o soldado nunca voltou: espelho de areia, dunas de espuma. sem ele é claro.
3 a 4- pisei firme, afundou minha bandeira branca e azul, me furou os pés um crânio de boi.
possivelmente 5- intercepto lagartos no caminho, sou um estranho, expulso da terra, da língua. conto pedras:
um, dois, um, dois, solene deixo cair a boina
e derreterem as botas
6, 6, 3,9- a lua estoura na distância, claro que é dia ainda, morra um pouco
7.1- truques no crepúsculo: produzir água por milagre, engolir rifles, cuspir fitas de cetim
oito- termina a jornada de 15 minutos, todos aplaudem, enfim cactos
10. a última certeza: retinas queimadas, pano desbotado, calos nas mãos

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janeiro 18, 2009


M: numbness, desires asleep, awaken... im a pile of lies
R: the untold can touch even a dead man
R: how could secrets lies or fears be any different to the ones who are always dead or alive
M: i cant decide whether i know what i feel or i prefer to pretend i dont
M: i play board games with life and let my vile dreams win
R: don't let her get the queen
M: the queen was i before i fell
M: now it's just an unwoven flower pinned to squares
R: some call it a crown
M: some think it has some value
M: but i know once it falls it's as heavy as a pebble
M: i watch from the last white square in the corner and i give up little by little
M: getting lighter and dying as all is the same
i believe nothing yet i want everything
all that's wrong and unreal
theres much sin in my words if you pay enough attention
M: i'm leaving
R: checkmate
M: i die
M has just signed off.


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janeiro 13, 2009

perfect circle

late night

black steamy coffee
spilled over red covers
hands with rings, still
symbols that never will

one morning

worn down, cracked
graffiti wall of such colors
what is a photograph
but another stubborn refusal of time

one afternoon

like the salt
that took (an evil) care
of the snow
beneath the sleepy eyes
of the sun,
i, too, felt uninspired

one evening

liquid limbs all over the streets
red clouds crown buildings
rough water from a tap
reflects my boots, dripping
warm is the painting on the wall
dissolving into mist
and touching my hair

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ithaca, 1 a.m.

"what time is it
over here?"
i asked
and was brought back
to a land where it's still
summer in January
and green, and lush, and noisy
(with birds mostly)
and then i just felt so
dirty, like i was stealing hours
from innocent clocks.

i wrote this just to say;
you were in that question
and in that land

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janeiro 11, 2009

a rock song and a heart failure

the string
a buzz
a sediment falling
a wire
through a red

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ao rés da fala