mort mot juste

julho 21, 2006

make some coffee, hold me up

my head became a portable radio and i could never explain to you the sound of ghosts' voices broadcasting every fear i've had ever since i was a kid. a thick fog surrounds you in my visions, you are never there, the eyes i see belong to a stranger. however your lips look bloody red, and very real when i remember it.
the spreading cloudlike haunting smells like dry air in winter late hours.
[that, and cinnamon].
countless times i've tried, working up the strength to leave you behind...
it's such a tragedy my worst flaw is you.
i've always been in love with love and love is a dream that terrifies you to sleep during the entire day.
the sun laughs, the earth cracks and so do the bones underneath it. i hear them all when they scream.
you belong between your clouds of make-believe misteries unsolved, disasters drunk over night light and infected city air.

i wish i could know what's in your head for a whole minute.
take my life soon after that, give it to a stillborn...

don't forget the bowknot and the apology note.

dammit, i wish someone would hear me just this once.

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julho 17, 2006

aeroplane crashes down, turns left, blows up

i wish i could believe in every word you've said.

you know i can't.
i know that you're slipping away.

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the clouds have gathered up tonight

i have the feeling of taste, my disease to keep me company and that voice to keep me warm.
a hundred thousand illusions just waiting to be created.

i have plants that feed off whispers and tears.
some pictures of him, her perfume in a bottle, stuffed animals that speak and listen.

there are humans inside a box i can turn on and off.
lives i can read and make friends with.

i have memories of better days, and some words he spared me earlier.

and yet i freeze.

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julho 10, 2006

anfetamina, aninha-cadela

tem uma coleira
e um rosto.

[sim, tudo o que tenho a oferecer a este blog hoje é um quote. deal with it.]

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julho 08, 2006

fotos que não tiramos

sonhei um poema que ficou preso
dentro do sonho.

o poema sonhado tentou escapar (junto comigo)
se atirando contra a divisória plástica
que separa os dois reinos.

rompeu o plástico, este suspirou.
tocou a manhã, esta já acabava.

ao acordar, percebeu que era feito de sonho, e se dissolveu.

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julho 02, 2006


love a creation, a leaf
the corpse of a yellow rose
an empty medicine box
a view
silent lifeforms
drops of hope sparkling down from above

love anything that doesn't have the power to decieve you.

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julho 01, 2006

engravers&the end of the world

bomb away unwanted spirits with your fireworks,
sunlight people. worship your gods of clay.
when celebrations end,
and you've tasted the forsaken's tears,
shatter your idols, drop your glasses,
caress your enemies and

feed the lions in your dreams.

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