mort mot juste

outubro 24, 2017

Today, tomorrow

You're older now and sometimes worry that you have done nothing with your life, 
And you won't get rid of the pictures of the parties you used to throw
In them you looked Happy, even though you weren't really ever that Happy back then
Right now you know you will never be Happy
Because Happy isn't what you thought it would be
And you're still not even sure what it really is
But you're calm, fed
Clothed and you still have dreams
But you don't write them down anymore
You let them come and go because it is Natural
And you know life is Natural and death is Natural
And nothing ever really shocks you anymore
Cause it all just is what it is, and what it's meant to be
And people are who they're meant to be
And the path is forward, Natural, unshocking
And there are fewer, smaller, quieter parties until maybe there are no more parties
But you go on because it's Natural
And sometimes you look at the old pictures of when you looked Happy, because that is also Natural
But you eventually put them away, because there is today, and today, and endless today still
And sometimes there is tomorrow
But we don't think about that.

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